• China's Poverty Alleviation Operations (English Edition)

    Huang Chengwei:Author

    Publication date:2015-01-01

    The development of socialism with Chinese characteristics and governmental deeds are indispensable for the poverty reduction career in China. China's Poverty Alleviation Operations gives an overall account of China's poverty alleviation career which is widely participated by the government, the society, NGOs and individuals. As the largest developing country, China has made great achievements in fulfilling the China Dream of common prosperity, through efforts of Chinese government and people. The book is divided into seven parts, which respectively deal with the macro-history of China's poverty reduction, the organizational framework and strategic system of the poverty reduction, the large variety of subjects participating in poverty reduction, the point-sphere-integrated poverty relief modes, care for the special communities, the innovative modes stimulating people’s contribution, as well as the considerable urban poverty issue. Combining mass data with concrete cases and pictures, the book offers a stereoscopic perception of China's poverty alleviation operations.
  • Cyberworld – China Embraces the Internet (English Edition)

    Li Jun:Author

    Publication date:2015-01-01

    231.The Internet has created countless legends in all over the world, revolutionizing our way of living and thinking. Cyberworld - China Embraces the Internet truthfully and vividly depicts the magnificent development history of Chinese Internet industry since 1995, and many celebrities who devoted themselves into pioneering Chinese Internet industry over the past twenty years and have become men of the time. Though many of them such as Ma Yun (Jack Ma), Ma Huateng (Pony Ma), Ding Lei (William Ding), Zhang Chaoyang (Charles Zhang), Zhou Hongyi and Liu Qiangdong (Richard Liu) have long been known to the public, the author tries to reinterpret them from a fresh perspective with the latest material, paying more attention to their stories in the starting phase. Readers can find their ups and downs, as well as the relationship between the folk heroes in the cyber era, thus getting a clearer vision of the past twenty years with Internet.
  • New Silk Road: A Restarted Journey (English Edition)

    Ma Yuan:Author

    Publication date:2014-11-01

    New Silk Road: A Restarted Journey comprehensively and objectively introduces the “Silk Road Economic Belt” strategy with pictures and texts. It narrates the history of Silk Road and stories of the current multi-level cooperation between China and countries along the Silk Road in multiple fields such as trade, investment, science and technology, education and culture. It vividly shows how the “New Silk Road” will unite the fast developing China, Central Asia, and possibly an even larger region, in the common pursuit of greater prosperity.
  • 新丝绸之路:重新开始的旅程(中文版)


    Publication date:2014-11-01

  • 中国-APEC:合作 发展 共创未来(中文版)

    南开大学APEC 研究中心:Author

    Publication date:2014-10-01

  • Decisive Role of the Market: Reforms After the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of CPC (Japanese Edition)

    Chi Fulin:Author

    Publication date:2014-08-01

    This book is the CIRD (China Institute of Reform and Development) 2014 report on reform, themed the decision role of market. It is a deep and comprehensive interpretation of The Decision on Major Issues Concerning Comprehensively Deepening Reforms, which was passed in the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. The writers have revealed the general strategy, key areas and steps of comprehensively deepening reforms, as well as a clear road map and time table. Issues of general interest on economy, politics and livelihood are properly addressed in this report.Eight topics are discussed in the book, all of which are theoretically and practically important in the next round of reform on the economical system. They are: Market determines the growth prospects, Market determines the allocation of resources, the Nonprofit nature of state-owned capital, Realizing the property rights of rural popoluation, Shifting the way dealing with international trade and investment, Market-determined effective government, Establishing a legalized business environment and Pursuing for a fair market economy.
  • A Glimpse of China (Modern China Series) (English Edition)

    Jin Bo:Author

    Publication date:2014-06-01

    137.Contemporary China is not only a succession of traditional China but also an innovative pioneering country advancing with the trend. At the social transitional period, China is facing the future with a brand new posture. The book gives a comprehensive and concise introduction to the formation of a multinational country and its culture, the struggle and development of the country in modern times, the history from the founding of New China to the Reform and Opening-up practice, the opportunities and challenges of today’s China, as well as the contribution to global development of China through self-perfection etc.
  • 当代中国概览(当代中国系列丛书)(中文版)


    Publication date:2014-06-01

  • 当代中国经济(当代中国系列丛书)(中文版)


    Publication date:2014-06-01

  • Contemporary China's Society (Modern China Series) (English Edition)

    Li Wen:Author

    Publication date:2014-06-01

    140.Enormous changes have occurred, are occurring and will occur in Chinese society. Transformation with profound influences is taking place across the vast land supporting 1/5 of the population of human-beings. China is realizing new achievements and confronting new problems at each moment. The book discusses contemporary China’s social structure, social construction, social governance, social life and ethos, and tries to concisely introduce China’s changes in these fields to readers and make comparisons with other countries.
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