• China’s Golden Key Service Philosophy (English Version)

    Zhang Bin;Wang Wei:Author

    Publication date:2017-08-01

  • الأفكار الفلسفية الصينية (سلسلة الثقافة الصينية) (باللغة العربية)

    وين هاي مينغ:Author

    Publication date:2014-10-01

    يقدم هذا الكتاب الأفكار الفلسفية الصينية منذ عصر اسرة تشين حتى الآن، ويتحدث عن الأنماط المختلفة للمدارس الفلسفية المتنوعة في المراحل التاريخية المتباينة، ويعرض جوهر الفلسفة الصينية واهم افكارها ويتحدث عن نشأة الأفكار والمدارس الفلسفية الصينية. وقد استعار هذا الكتاب طريقة التبويب للفلسفة الغربية من أجل تلخيص الجوانب المتنوعة الخاصة بالفلسفة الصينية مثل الفلسفة السياسية في فترة تشين وفلسفة ما وراء الطبيعة في أسرتي تانغ وهان الملكيتين ونظرية المعرفة في أسرتي سونغ ومينغ الملكيتين وغيرها من مدارس ونظريات الفلسفة. وهذا الكتاب الذي بين يدي القارئ الكريم هو تلخيص موجز وبسيط لأعقد المسائل الفلسفية نشرح فيه بيسر وبساطة كل ما يتعلق بالفلسفة والفكر الصيني ونظرة الصينيون للحياة والموت والتعاملات مع الغير والحكم وغيرها من الأمور التي من خلالها يمكننا أن نتعرف بشكل واضح ومباشر على الصين.
  • The Wisdom of China: Sun Tzu - The Ultimate Master of War (English Edition)

    Xu Yuanxiang;Li Jing:Author

    Publication date:2014-08-01

    This book is a biography and collection of teachings of Sunzi, the famous militarist, who for the first time in the world dedicated himself to revealing the myth of war and consturcting a theory on war as well as peace. His representative work The Art of War is a gem in the treasure of traditional Chinese military thoughts. It has been translated into dozens of languages, and gained reputation around the globe.
  • The Wisdom of China: Lao Tzu - The Eternal Tao Te Ching (English Edition)

    Xu Yuanxiang;Yin Yongjian:Author

    Publication date:2014-07-01

    This book is a biography and collection of teachings of Laozi, the founder and spiritual core of Taoism. He is a great thinker in ancient China, starting a whole branch of Chinese philosophy with the deep thoughts in his Tao Te Ching, which only has around five thousand characters.
  • 孙子兵法解析(中文版)


    Publication date:2014-07-01

  • The Wisdom of China: Zhuangzi - Enjoyment of Life in an Untroubled State (English Edition)

    Xu Yuanxiang;Yin Yongjian:Author

    Publication date:2014-06-01

    This book is a biography and collection of teachings of Zhuang Zhou, one of the founding fathers of Taoism and successor of Laozi. Albeit his talent in literature and philosophy, he chose the career as a manager of a lacquer plantation over that of a minister appointed by the king, because he would not give up his cherished freedom. He and Laozi are usually called "Lao Tzu" collectively. His thought is crystalized in the book by the name of himself, and two famous chapters of it are A Happy Excursion and Uniformity Theory. 
  • The Wisdom of China: Mencius - A Benevolent Saint for the Ages (English Edition)

    Xu Yuanxiang;Zhang Bing:Author

    Publication date:2014-06-01

    This book is an bibliography and collection of teachings of Mencius, a master Confucian deemed only second to Confucius himself. As a great thinker and educator, he developed the idea of government by etiqutte and benevolent rule.
  • The Wisdom of China: Confucius - A Philosopher for the Ages (English Edition)

    Xu Yuanxiang:Author

    Publication date:2014-06-01

    This book is a biography of Confucius, the founder and greatest spiritual guide of Confucianism. It also includes a selected quotation of him and his disciples. It is believed that he had three thousand disciples, and of them seventy-two are the most brilliant. He travelled all over China, which was scattered into many petty countries and a few great powers, for fourteen years. His thought and doctrine has had great influence on China. He was also an excellent philologist, working diligently on collecting masterpieces prior to his age.
  • Chinese Culture: Philosophy (Chinese Culture Series) (English Edition)

    Wu Chun:Author

    Publication date:2014-01-01

    This book introduces Chinese philosophy in topics instead of the chronicle order. Five topics are included: what is the nature of the world; what are the relationships among things; what are social norms; what is the orientation of life; what is the cognitive structure. The first two parts are about nature or the world; the third and fourth parts are about society and human life; while the fifth part is about cognition and wisdom per se. This book is intended to give readers a basic understanding of Chinese philosophical thoughts, as well as of the greatest Chinese sages and their teachings.
  • 中国文化·哲学思想(中国文化系列丛书)(中文版)


    Publication date:2014-01-01

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